Medium size wheel thrown stoneware bowl with decorative “cracks” on the outer surface. Fired in Anagama kiln (Japanese wood firing kiln) for 60 hours at maximum temperature 1300°C. During such firing burning wood produces fly ash which settles on the pieces, and the complex interaction between flame, ash, and the minerals of the clay body forms a natural ash glaze. Due to such complicated process this glaze shows great variation in colour, texture and thickness, ranging from smooth and glossy to rough and sharp.


! The inner surface of this bowl is slightly rough, so I recommend to use it mostly as a serving bowl. It is great for popcorn, chips, sweets and snacks.


! The foot of the bowl was chipped during the firing, so the piece goes with a discount.


Dimensions are approximately 8 x 15 cm

Medium «crackle» bowl, wood firing