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I come from Russia, but for the last 3 years I have been living, studying pottery and making ceramics in Tokyo.


At the very beginning of my life in Japan, I felt social and cultural isolation, away from family, friends and familiar activities. However, ceramics, which I discovered for myself shortly before leaving Russia, unexpectedly became for me the main way of exploring a new reality, connection with my home country and the way to myself.


I admire a lot in ceramics: the beauty of the material; processes that happen with soft and plastic clay before it becomes as hard as stone; endless variety of shapes and colors. 


However, the greatest pleasure to me is the moment when I hold an object in my hands, feel it's weight, feel how smooth, rough, cool or sharp it is. It seems to me that through tactile sensations, objects reveal much more than through appearance alone.


Perhaps that's why I became interested mostly in functional ceramics, which are more frequently being held in hands, touched, moved.


When creating my work, I like to play with different textures and dynamic forms.

I am very glad that in Japan I have an opportunity to participate in wood firing which gives one piece a whole palette of tactile properties. Perhaps wood fired piece is sometimes a bit less functional, but it can tell so much more to a person who holds it. 

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